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Time To Glow is a 6 week series that takes kids through the book of Acts and teaches them about the early New Testament Church! Kids will be challenged to be bold about sharing their faith with others. On sale now for a limited time.

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What else is included with this curriculum?

  • 6 Week Series
  • Includes All Downloads
  • Weekly and series verse
  • Takeaway statement
  • Two glow in the dark/neon games
  • Message & Object lesson
  • Small group time
  • Review questions
  • Take home card
  • Graphic slides
  • Social media graphics
  • And a bumper video

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Of course! For more than 10 years, KidzMatter Magazine has been the premier print + digital magazine in children’s and family ministry leaders. We offer several subscription packages. Don’t wait, get only the magazine here!

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– Ryan Frank, CEO

We are KidzMatter and this is Our Commitment…

We promise to keep the Gospel at the center of what we do.
This commitment is essential to who we are. It’s solid like Mount Everest. Everything we do will fulfill the commission of 2 Timothy 2:2 as we entrust the message of the Gospel to “faithful [people] who will be able to teach others.”

We promise to be friendly and professional.
We want to be like that awesome friend you talk to and remember why you love them so much. But we’re also going to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in our conduct.

We promise not to produce anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.
We’re children’s ministers just like you. We’re not going to produce anything we don’t think absolutely rocks face.

We promise to be an encouragement.
We want you to walk away from every encounter with our organization encouraged to be a better leader, encouraged about your ministry and encouraged to have some fun.

We promise to be responsible.
God has blessed us tremendously. We’re going to take excellent care of the resources he’s given us—financial, environmental, and physical. We want to be at least as responsible as a 16-year-old driver. (Alright. Perhaps a little more responsible than that.)

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