Your Children’s Ministry Can Benefit From Your Use of Evernote

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Anyone who knows me in even the littlest ways knows that I love my Evernote. Evernote has truly become my brain in many ways.

My heart for equipping and inspiring world changers on their leadership journey, combined with my children’s ministry vision of Preparing parents and volunteers to influence first our community then surrounding communities and finally the world through Leading, Coaching, and Equipping kids to be World Changers creates in me a desire to convert everything I do and use into a tool to get these larger than life goals accomplished.

One tool that constantly fits this bill for me is Evernote. Here is one of the several ways to use Evernote to help build your leaders, your parents, and keep a constant supply of teaching material.

In Evernote, as you web clip articles, scan articles from magazines, send pictures and more to your Evernote account, I enjoy sending them into a few notebooks. Example would be: Classroom discipline. In this notebook I would have all the material from a variety of resources that cover discipline in a classroom. I could easily share this 1 notebook with my leaders so they could benefit from all of the resources I have on this one topic. As items would be added to this notebook, they would continue to see the most updated material on that topic. It would be like a constant stream of info on a very specific topic.

You increase the know how of your leaders, you will raise the bar of the childrens ministry you provide for your community.





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I have the privilege of being the children’s pastor at Sheffield Family Life Center, an incredible church in Kansas City, Missouri. ?? I oversee a growing children’s ministry, SFLCKids. Every weekend you can always see hundreds of kids coming in to have a real experience with the life changing Savior – Jesus.?? I am married to Rachel, the best wife that God could have picked for me. We have been given three incredible gifts from God by the names of Jenelle, Camille, and Zachary. ?? Lastly I enjoy fishing with family, reading about leadership, task management, all things Macintosh and gadgets.