Writing to the Missionaries (Lesson Activity for Acts 6-7)

Global/Missional //

This is a terrific Children’s Ministry activity to coordinate with Acts 6-7 (the life of Stephen).  Stephen was a missionary who gave his life in order to share the gospel with others.

Stephen’s sacrifice was his earthly life and many of our missionaries also give their lives on the field.  Others make different sacrifices, moving away from their family, foregoing the comforts of home, and living in a totally strange culture in order to share the gospel with others.   After we learned about Stephen and the sacrifices he made in our Children’s Church class, we took a few minutes to write to our church sponsored missionaries (our church is Christian and Missionary Alliance) to thank them for their own sacrifices.

Writing to the Missionaries (1)

We looked up each country on the map and I shared any information I had with the kids about each specific missionary.  We spent a little time in prayer and then made cards to send to the missionaries.

What About You?

Do you have a missionary your church sponsors?  How do you keep in touch with them or encourage them while on the field?