Why Should Your Kids’ Choir Use Sign Language?

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  1. It keeps the kids’ attention

Sign language is the perfect solution for excited kids who can’t help but move around as they sing songs of praise and worship. It gives your kids something to do with their hands while they’re learning important biblical truths.


  1. It helps them think about biblical concepts in a new way

When you teach your kids sign language, it helps them signify the physical meaning of the word. For example, with the word “Jesus,” you touch the center of each palm to signify the nails that were put through Christ’s hands when He was on the cross. As you’re teaching this sign, you can use it as an opportunity to talk about the great sacrifice Christ paid for all.


  1. It gives the congregation a meaningful worship experience

When your kids’ choir incorporates sign language into the songs they sing, it not only engages the congregation musically, but it also engages the congregation visually. Just as sign language helps kids think about the songs in a new way, it adds another dimension to the congregation’s worship experience.


  1. It makes your kids more mindful of others

Teaching sign language is a great opportunity to educate your choir about its importance for those in the deaf community. It can help broaden their awareness for those who are different from them and even help them communicate with those who are deaf.


  1. It helps kids remember the song lyrics and message

When kids learn sign language, not only do they take the words with them wherever they go, but they will have the physical movement of sign language to help them remember the valuable truths and praises communicated in the songs they learn.


For resources on teaching sign language to your kids’ choir, visit signasl.org for the American Sign Language dictionary and search for sign language worship videos on YouTube.