What Will You Say When a Little Child Says to You, “I can’t feel God Today”?

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Many times down through the years I’ve had children ask questions about God. When children’s parents are going through a divorce surprisingly enough many little children don’t question God’s existence. They question why God doesn’t stop the divorce or why He doesn’t make Mommy come back home.

Many play the “what if” game:  “What if I had taken the trash out when dad told me to, he might still be here.”  Or, “What if I had cleaned my room when mom said, maybe she wouldn’t have left.” And many children will try and bargain with God:  “God I’ll be real good and I’ll take out the trash if You will just bring my daddy back home.”

The kid who couldn’t feel God
The other day I got a Facebook message from a teacher, who wrote,

“Then there was this one kid who came in sad saying he could not feel God  today.”

This is a child whose mother has left the home. He thinks his mom wants nothing to do with the family. There are 4 children in this family and my teacher friend reports that dad is doing an amazing job of holding things together.

Stop for a minute and just imagine a sad little boy quietly saying,  “I can’t feel God today”.

How wonderful that this teacher has formed a close enough relationship that the child felt comfortable sharing his feelings with her. I wonder if some of us in churches have developed relationships deep enough for a child of divorce to share their deepest hurts and thoughts?

My teacher friend reminded her little friend that God is always there to talk to. She allowed him to find a quiet place. When she looked over in a short while he was kneeling by the window praying. When she talked with him later in the day, he said he could feel God’s love again.

She told him that was good and that she had prayed for God to wrap him so tight with His love that he could feel it in his heart. Wow! Imagine how that must have impacted this little child.

Can we do anything less for the kids in our churches that reach out to us for comfort?

What will you say when a little child says to you, “I can’t feel God today?”






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