What If Jesus Was A Ministry Volunteer?

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Churches are some of the largest volunteer organizations in the world.  Without volunteers, ministry doesn’t get done.


Yet, every church and ministry struggles with having both the number of volunteers they needas well as the level of commitment from the volunteers they have.

Imagine with me, what if every volunteer in your ministry was a ‘perfect volunteer’?

Well, we know that there’s no such thing as a perfect volunteer.  That is, of course, unless Jesus Himself were to walk through the doors of your church to serve.

So… what if this week in your church, Jesus did, in fact, walk in to serve as a volunteer in your ministry?  What would that look like?

Well, imagine with me for a moment…

  1. He would have spent sufficient time with the Father prior to showing up for ministry to make sure His spirit was right, His motives were pure, and His #1 goal was to please the Father.  John 8:29
  2. He would be committed and dependable in His area of ministry. He would take His ministry as seriously as if He were going to give an answer to God for it.  John 5:36
  3. He would be passionate, going above and beyond what was expected, reaching for what was exceptional and remarkable. He would be trusted to get a job done and to get it done right.  John 17:4
  4. He would “own it.” He would show possession for whatever responsibilities were given to Him, and would seek to excel in the use of His talents and abilities to make that ministry better.  John 17:12
  5. He would take ministry as seriously as any other job.  He would show up on time, every time, to be in His place without fail.  Luke 16:10
  6. He would be invested.  To Jesus, it wouldn’t be just about filling a time slot or appeasing the pastor until the next time. It would be about making a real, eternal difference by giving it all He’s got.  John 6:39
  7. He would have an obvious passion, an infectious smile, and a warm and gracious spirit with all those He interacted with.  Mark 10:13-16
  8. He would submit to and support the church leadership and their vision for moving the church forward, even when He might have personally chosen to do things somewhat differently.  He would align to the vision, adopting it as His own, and owning His piece of that vision.  John 8:28
  9. He would motivate and encourage those who serve alongside of Him by His positive attitude and team spirit.  John 13:14-15
  10. He would be flexible when changes and adjustments were required, willing to change His plans as necessary in order to make ministry happen effectively.  Luke 22:42
  11. He would serve, not for the praise of men, but for the glory of God. He would realize that no ministry is too big or too small to serve in.  Regardless of what responsibility He was given, He would understand that it mattered, whether it was done in public or in private, whether it was done to be a help to the saved or to the lost, whether He was recognized for it, or seldom noticed.  John 13:31
  12. He would guard His testimony as a believer, understanding that He is a walking Bible, and a reflection of Christ and His Church to the world, either for good or bad.  He would protect the testimony of Christ and the Church through His words, His actions, and His conduct (both online and offline).  John 8:29, 14:9
  13. He would understand that His commitments to ministry take priority over his desire to be comfortable, entertained, or never having to be inconvenienced.  Matthew 8:20, 20:28

As a Christian, our job is to continually be conforming to the image of Christ.  This would include our service to the Lord as a ministry volunteer.

If you are a ministry volunteer in any area, while we may never attain the status of “volunteer perfection”, let’s make it our goal to try!

Because if the church were filled with lots of Jesus’s for volunteers, the church would be an even better and more effective place at making a difference and reaching the world.

Romans 8:29  “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son.”





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