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There come times in the lives of believers when we find ourselves waiting on God. Sometimes this can be waiting on God to rescue us. Other times it is waiting on God to lead us to the next season of our lives. In either case there are two postures that we chose from when we approach a time of waiting.

The Bus Stop
: This approach to waiting on God leaves us sitting and waiting, as one waits for a bus. It involves no action or work. This approach assumes that the work will begin once we have heard from God, when the bus arrives. Much like a person in a big city waits for the bus to take them to their place of business. I would argue that when it comes to waiting on God, this approach is flawed. Before we look further at that, let’s look at the other approach to waiting on God.

Garcon: This is simply the French word for waiter, but I think it sounds cool. Anyway, the other approach to waiting on God is that of a waitress or waiter. Merriam-Webster defines WAITER as one that waits on another. They then define WAIT as to serve as a waiter. This feels right for most of us because, when we think of a waiter we think of someone whose job it is to serve us. In fact as we look at the tip we will give, we often consider how WELL this person served us. Waiting, in this context, is a very active thing. As anyone who has ever been a server at a restaurant will tell you, waiting is hard work.
“Which posture are you taking as you wait on God?”

I think that when it comes to waiting on God there is an element of The Bus Stop that should be included. You see another definition that Merriam-Webster gives for wait is to stay in place in expectation of. When we are waiting on God we should do so with expectation. David prayed with expectation and so should we.(1) We are also instructed to, “Be still, and know that I am God.”(2) So, there is a Biblical precedent for waiting as one waits at a bus stop.

However, there is more to it than that. Spend time waiting on God to lead and speak as one waits for a bus. But don’t stop there. Waiting is not simply passive, it is also active. Consider Noah; God gave Noah instructions, but did not give him a timeline. He told Noah that there was GOING to be a flood. Noah started building. He did not wait for it to start raining. He did not wait for the water to start rising. He did not wait for God to get back with him. He started building while he WAITED for God to do what He said He would do. So again I ask:

“Which posture are you taking as you wait on God?”

All to often when we hear God’s call on our lives we sit and wait for further instructions or for God to do something in our lives. We should wait expectantly for this, but we would also take the more active approach as well. Here are some things to DO while you wait:
Prepare Your World: Are you truly ready for whatever God is calling you to? If God called you to another place would you be ready to go? Could you put your house on the market as it is right now? Are your finances such that you are ready for whatever comes next? Work to get yourself in a position to be ready to take action when God calls.
Prepare Your Spirit: When God takes us to the next season of life you can bet that things are gonna get busy. Take this time to dive into the Word. Take this time to spend extra time in prayer. Take this time to focus on God and The Bible, perhaps in a greater way than ever before.
Prepare Your Body: It certainly couldn’t hurt during this time to take care of your body. If you are over weight now is a great time to work on that. Even Paul recognized the value of taking care of your body. (4) Exercise, eat right, make your body stronger. Then you will physically be more ready for whatever God has next for you.

1. Psalm 5:3
2. Psalm 46:10
3. Genesis 6:9-22
4. 1 Timothy 4:8





About the Author

My name is Matt Norman and I am the Children’s Pastor at The Rock in Winter Haven, FL. I am married to my high school sweet heart Kim and have two kids; Trey, 11 and Jayden, 4. I love being in ministry to children and their parents, as well as to other adults. I love sharing the gospel and other Biblical truths. I love worshiping and leading worship.  I love seeing kids grow spiritually. I love equipping God’s people for works of good service. Basically, I love ministry. In addition to ministry I have spent 17 years working in a local hospital, 16 of them in the emergency room. Trust me this experience comes in handy in children’s ministry. God is working in my life. I don’t yet know what he has planned, but I know that it is going to be cool. I’m watching and praying and doing what I can to make myself ready for whatever it is that God is working out in my life and my ministry. I love teaching kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a camp speaker, or a special speaker for your training event then use the email link at the top of the page to contact me. I would love to come along side you to have a greater impact on kids and their families for The Kingdom.