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Venus and Mars Find Their Way into Preschool!

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Think you know how boys and girls learn? Take this quiz and then we’ll talk. Circle Venus if you think the answer is referring to GIRLS. Circle Mars if you think the answer is referring to BOYS.

  1. Works well in circles facing each other. (Venus or Mars)
  2. Focuses better while sitting down. (Venus or Mars)
  3. Interprets the world as objects moving through space. (Venus or Mars)
  4. Prefers the teacher to move about using gestures when teaching. (Venus or Mars)
  5. On average, their brain is 10% larger. (Venus or Mars)
  6. Have a better-developed sense of smell, hearing, sight, taste, and touch. (Venus or Mars)
  7. Reds, yellows, and oranges are colors that appeal most to them. (Venus or Mars)
  8. Enjoys taking risks. (Venus or Mars) 

So how do you think you did? Think you have a pretty good grasp on the differences between boys and girls? Let’s find out.


Question 1

The answer is Venus. Girls in general prefer facing one another. They enjoy learning through relational style activities in which they are engaged directly with people immediately around them. Sound familiar? Would this be true of grown women as well?


Question 2

The answer is Venus. Girls learn and focus better when sitting down. Surprising? Probably not! We know that girls are far more capable of sitting still a lot better than boys—most of the time.

Question 3

The answer is Mars. Surely no one got this wrong. After all, doesn’t everything become a flying projectile when it comes to boys? Boys see life as always moving and in motion. If it doesn’t move automatically, boys will find a way to see that it does.


Question 4

The answer is Mars. In general, boys are able to connect and learn better when they see their teachers using hand gestures, motions, and walk around the room? Why? It helps them keep their attention. It engages them in the lesson.


Question 5

The answer is Mars. Ha, I bet many of you just knew it was Venus. Boys, in fact, do have a larger brain. We all know that girls mature faster than boys. Although the boy’s brain is 10 percent larger, the chemical components to the boy’s brain can make it more difficult to process information than that of a girl of the same age.


Question 6

The answer is Venus. Girls have very keen senses. Is this directly related to a woman’s intuition? Not sure, but girls do sense things a lot faster than boys. Incorporating all the senses in your preschool will always foster better learning—for boys and girls alike.


Question 7

The answer is Venus. I know! Most of you thought it was Mars for sure. Although girls love their pinks and purples, girls respond to warm colors—the reds, yellows, and orange colors. So warm up your classrooms for girls by using these colors!


Question 8

The answer is . . . (drum roll please) …  Mars! Boys love being daring and taking risks. That explains a huge part of why they are so antsy and squirmy. So in planning, make sure you include adventures that will appeal to Mars!


As you can tell, some of the differences between boys and girls are obvious. Some of them are not. Regardless of the gender, preschool teachers should always include a variety of teaching styles that help children connect to God and His Word. If we fail to properly plan for these differences as well as likenesses, then we are also asking for behavior issues. The more engaged each child is the less behavior challenges we will face in our ministries. One last question:  Do you think you are gender biased in your planning? Do you tend to plan more for one gender as opposed to another? In the next issue we will look at questions that will help you determine if you are indeed gender biased.





About the Author

Chad Smith is the Children's Pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He earned his Master of Arts in Christian Education at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Chad has been in full-time ministry for 12 years. He and his wife Betsy have a precious one-year-old named Claire.