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As a speaker with Answers in Genesis, I often say that we are a biblical authority ministry. That means we are defending God’s Word where it’s being attacked today. But we dare not stop there. The ultimate motivation for giving a defense is so we can then go on to share the gospel boldly and effectively in secular culture.


Unfortunately, many today don’t believe the gospel of Jesus because they don’t believe the book from which the gospel comes. They have fallen prey to the Genesis 3 attack of our day and believe the lie that the history in the Bible is wrong. They have swallowed the enemy’s claims that archeology, astronomy, geology, biology, evolution, and the idea of millions of years have disproved the Bible. So, the logical conclusion for them is, “If the Bible’s history is false why trust what it says about salvation?” And of course they’re right. If the Bible begins with a lie, which is reiterated through the rest of the book, why believe anything it says?


So as teachers we need to give answers. Equipping ourselves and the coming generations to answer the skeptical questions of this age by standing on the authority of God’s Word. Training ourselves to start at the beginning and use biblical history, (a biblical worldview), to understand the past, present, and future. When we do that, the gospel of Jesus comes alive! It becomes clear that real, observable science confirms the Bible again and again and again, and only the biblical worldview makes sense of all of reality.


This demonstrates to a watching world that they can believe the Bible from beginning to end. They can trust what it says about history and you can trust what it says about salvation. Why? Because it is the very Word of God.


In giving these answers, we demolish the excuses the unbeliever has set up to reject the gospel—but we do this in love, because we too were “in their same shoes” in the past. We want to humbly unveil the reality of their rebellious heart and desperate need of a Savior. Then we give the gospel. Because it is the gospel alone that is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16)!


Ultimately, we give answers to get to The Answer, Jesus Christ.






About the Author

Bryan Osborne is passionate about reaching the lost with the gospel! As an expert in the use of exciting, apologetics-based evangelism and chronological Bible teaching, this former athlete connects with audiences through real-life stories and facts that confirm the truth of the Bible. After graduating from Bryan College with a bachelor of arts in biblical studies and minors in Greek and Christian education, Bryan earned his master’s degree in education from Lee University. For 13 years he boldly and enthusiastically taught Bible history in a public school system in Tennessee, and for 20 years he has helped youth and young adults in the local church to know and defend their faith. Bryan’s giftedness as a communicator and his passion for revealing the truth of God’s Word are obvious and contagious! He now speaks at conferences and in churches for Answers in Genesis and is developing a blog designed to help parents and ministry leaders solve the growing epidemic of biblical illiteracy through the use of specially designed resources such as AiG’s Answers Bible Curriculum. You will love his practical, cutting-edge talks that reveal the importance of apologetics in evangelizing the lost and in equipping today’s youth and families in the body of Christ! Bryan reports that he and his wife Marla have been blissfully married since 1998 and are enjoying the early years of child-rearing!