Unique Christmas Ideas

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What unique Christmas idea have you used that made you say, “I’ve got to remember this and do it again!”

Every year I make up a Christmas scavenger hunt for our family and we challenge another family to meet us at the local mall and square off. It’s so much fun as a family and with friends! We all go out afterwards for froyo or snacks. It’s a great memory maker and my kids are already asking for this year’s theme

  • Christina Embree

We had everyone at the family Christmas Eve service decorate wooden people to represent themselves. Then they came forward and placed them in the crèche—putting themselves in God’s story.

  • Bonnie Deroski

Every year we bake a gingerbread nativity and we decorate together as a family. It makes the house smell so yummy! It’s more meaningful than a gingerbread house.

  • Sharla Jost

Our church loves missions! So I’ve been trying to instill in our kids that same love. So I wrote all of our missionaries and asked them if they would send me a Christmas tree ornament made by a local artisan from their country. (I made an ornament for each of our missionaries and paid for the shipping and the ornament they sent.) During our thanks service our kids helped build the missions Christmas tree. Not only do they become familiar with the missionaries we support and the countries they serve, but also the needs they have. We spent time each week during December introducing our missionaries to the children, making and sending cards, and taking a special offering to help provide the needs they have. Teaching the principle of giving during the Christmas season will hopefully train up a new generation of generous missions giving.

  • Joshua Rhea

We decorated nice little boxes with Christmas stickers, glitter, and markers. We put a month’s worth of verses inside, including most of Luke 2 that shared the whole Christmas story. The idea was for families to read one verse per day leading up to Christmas, like a countdown. We had the most positive feedback ever. And these little boxes have become a Christmas tradition for many of our families (including my own teen kids). God’s Word is powerful!

  • Lisa Davis

We did a Bethlehem experience where we dressed families in Bible-time clothes. They went through different areas such as a market, inn, shepherds’ fields In each one of these place they heard different stories/views of the Christmas story and the Gospel. We also have encouraged families to have Happy Birthday Jesus parties for their friends and neighbors. We give out packets with ideas and instructions.

  • Kim Simons