Top Ten Reasons I Love PopUp Good News

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Hi, I’m Christie Retter.  I’m a volunteer Kid’s Ministry teacher at New Life Church in Yorkville, IL.  With over 40 kids looking to me to teach the weekly message on Wednesday nights, I really have to be on the top of my game!    A little over a year ago, we started using PopUp Good News videos in our lesson time.  This really helped me out!  I didn’t have to prepare for the message.  That part of my time with these great kids was prepared for me, all I had to do was pop in a video.  The PopUp Good News lesson plans even helped me with follow-up questions for the kids and some games to help them with the lesson.

I could go on and on about PopUp Good News, but I thought I could sum it up in My Top Ten (+1) Reasons I Love PopUp Good News.


10.       Cool theme music.

9.        FUN!

8.        Kids are Engaged.

7.        ScottieDog keeps the kids attentive.

6.        Cool way to learn the Bible.

5.        The lesson plans help with games, coloring pages, puzzles and questions.

4.        Kids are excited to see the characters.

3.        Perfect for early elementary kids.

2.        Characters are animated well.

1.        The stories reinforce the lesson by relating them to everyday situations, bullies, friendships,


+1       Graphics are colorful and props drive home the message.


If you want to see a sample of what I’m talking about, check out the below link.


PopUp Good News in Action!