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100 top kidmin users on twitter

When it comes to social media, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know which platforms to engage in since each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Twitter happens to be one of my favorites, and with this list, it could quickly become one of your favorites as well. In fact, the small team of people that brought you this list are friends of mine–all of whom I connected and collaborated with, you guessed it, through twitter.

Twitter is in and of itself its own animal. For a number of reasons we chose to go beyond the top blogs, books, and organizations to connect you to individual people who are on the front lines of #kidmin.

  • Networking: Kidmin can often feel lonely and very isolated. Twitter is a great way for you to  connect and network with others like-minded individuals who may potentially become friends, advisors, and colleagues.
  • Community: Going beyond networking into a deeper level of connection Twitter has the potential to provide a community, of sorts, for you.      Obviously you are not encouraged to find only community within Twitter, but you will find it to be a place where other ministry leaders can spur you on, pray for you, and inspire you as you continue working in your ministry.
  • Resourcing: Following top #kidmin tweeters can instantly connect you with the most influential and up to date resources available to support and equip you as a ministry leader.
  • Trending: Ministry is as constantly changing as our world today. Twitter connects you to those changes and trends that may very well be useful for you in your area of ministry. From there you can share, exchange, and discuss to decide what will work best for you and your community.
  • Winning!: Twitter is a great environment to get deals on resources, win free stuff, and learn about products that can enhance your ministry.


How we generated the list?

Taking everything into consideration, we started with a list of friends and connections within the kidmin community. From there, we searched the history of some popular hashtags, such as #kidmin, #cmconnect, and others, to find people engaging in the conversation. Once the list was made, each person’s activity level was measured though some online twitter metric measuring services. The results not only gave us a tweet level (the higher the number, the more tweets sent) but also we had a category of engagement. The list is organized alphabetically for you, with the hopes you will use it to create, collaborate and communicate with other like minded ministry people.




































































































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100 top kidmin on twitterKeep in mind that we are only human, and it is possible that someone got overlooked. As hard as we tried, let us know if you think we missed someone (or you!) and thanks ahead of time for your grace. If you are one of the 100 top KidMin Tweeters, we are offering a banner for your website/blog as a way to display your willingness to collaborate on Twitter. We encourage you to download the graphics and utilize them as you see fit.

I have connected with many on this list, and I encourage you to as well. Twitter allowed me to have lunch with Karl Bastian from Kidology, create a curriculum with Kaye Chalwel in Australia, and build a solid network of other kids ministry leaders not only across the country, but across the world. My hope is that this list will help you see the value in investing in the community. You will get out what you put in.

I had the honor and pleasure of working with @trevormclee@natefietzer, and @kidsconsultant to make this list possible.

How do you use twitter? Do you use it for personal reasons? Do you use it for ministry or networking? How many are you already following? If you haven’t connected with some of these people, there is no better time than now! Hopefully you can use this list to connect with and learn from some great kids ministry people.  Can you think of some kidmin tweeters that are not on the list? Post a comment (or send me a tweet!) to continue the conversation.

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