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252 Basics is written for churches of all sizes, but regardless of your church size, a team should be utilized in implementing the curriculum. Here are the various roles that must be owned in order to implement 252 Basics well.

Depending on your church size, you may have individuals filling multiple roles or many people in each role. Whatever the case, strive to ensure nobody is carrying too much of the load. Seeing all of these roles may be overwhelming, but understand that some of them are optional and in smaller church settings it’s easy for people to fill multiple roles.

Small Group Editor

The small group curriculum is packed with great content. For most church settings, there’s more than enough for the time you have. Give somebody who understands what you’re going for the responsibility of editing the small group curriculum in advance. We typically leave 3 activities and the prayer and cut stuff each week to get there. Our editor is a highly gifted administrative person who actually doesn’t serve in the environment, but understands what we want and edits curriculum well in advance.

Large Group Editor

If you do large group live, you’ll probably want to edit that content as well. Maybe you’ll just edit to clean up the scripts for your volunteers, or like us, you may have to edit depending on who the hosts are. We have students serve as hosts and worship leaders, and often times edit the script to fit what they do well.

Small Group Leaders

Small Group Leaders are the lifeblood of any children’s ministry and 252 Basics is designed around the idea of having kids in specific small groups with consistent leaders. These folks should be relationally gifted who connect well with children. Check out the LeadSmall.org blog for helpful content for small group leaders written by small group leaders.

Large Group Leaders

If you do large group live, there are 4 primary roles to fill – Host, Storyteller, Worship Leader & Tech. If needed, people can double up with small group leaders running tech and Hosts leading worship as well. Do some version of an audition to evaluate and give them a chance to try it out. Look for folks who will come prepared and engage children from the stage. Unless I had people in place, I would start with video and focus on developing the other areas before moving to a live large group.

Tech Preparation

This may fall to a tech team person, but someone has to prepare any audio, video and lighting cues you plan to use each week. This primarily involves the preparation of whatever presentation system you use. We use Pro Presenter and love it.

Resource Team

A person or team of people should be assigned the role of acquiring and preparing both large group and small group resources weekly. Small group resources require more preparation and ideally you do not want to put this responsibility on your small group leaders.

Decor Team

If you have the ability, I highly recommend changing up some of the decor in your elementary environment each month to go with the theme. Someone has to own the planning and implementing of decor, and ideally they would recruit a team of people to help. Head on over to ReadySetSunday.com for decor collaboration and ideas surrounding 252 Basics themes.

Greeters and Check-in

Depending on how check-in works at your church, this may be separate from your elementary environment. But, either way you’ll need people to greet families and check children in and out of the environment.


Volunteer Coaches, or whatever title you may use, are people who lead teams of volunteers in settings where your volunteer base is too much for one staff person to handle. I believe in handing off leadership early, and I would recruit to Coach positions once the volunteer team goes beyond 15 or so in size. Coaches can lead teams of small group leaders, large group leaders, or some of the other teams mentioned.

The goal is to find utilize a team and prevent individuals (even staff) from carrying too much of the load.

Are there any additional roles you have implemented in your setting?





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Nick serves as the Children and Student Team Leader at Community Christian Church in Baltimore, MD. He and his amazing wife Jennifer have one son named Isaac. Nick is all about serving churches to help them reach their full potential.