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Learn the Why

Prior to implementing 252 Basics, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the Orange strategy and the 252 Basics curriculum. Once you know the why, it’s easier to decide how to implement the what. Here are some tips for how to learn all about Orange and 252 Basics.

Orange Philosophy & Strategy

252 Basics Curriculum

  • Read About 252 Basics.
  • Read the FAQ, particularly helpful if you have not started with 252 yet.
  • Watch the 252 Orientation Videos.
  • Once you’ve subscribed to the curriculum, login and click on the Training tab to access:
    • 252 Orientation.
    • The Basics of 252 Basics.
    • Overview & 3 Year Plan.
    • Know the Lingo & Curriculum Components.
    • Parent CUE & Studio252 resources.

Learning the why is important with anything, but especially with 252 Basics because it’s more than a curriculum. It’s a comprehensive strategy. Also, it’s designed to accommodate churches of 50 and churches of 20,000. For that reason, there’s a lot of material and it exists in multiple formats to help all types of churches.

Are there any aspects of Orange or 252 Basics you don’t understand? Are there any resources not listed here that were helpful to you?





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Nick serves as the Children and Student Team Leader at Community Christian Church in Baltimore, MD. He and his amazing wife Jennifer have one son named Isaac. Nick is all about serving churches to help them reach their full potential.