The Secret To KidMin Leadership Success

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So it is in Children’s Ministry (or any other ministry or organization, for that matter).

Stated another way, you and your children’s ministry will only rise
to the level that you and your team can take it. 

Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

So why do we spend our time on less important tasks instead of developing our team?

Why do we “fill holes” instead of equip leaders?

Why do we sit in our office instead of stroll through the crowd?

What’s the secret to KidMin success?

Aside from pursuing God, have a big vision and
spend your time developing leaders – yourself and your team.

Then, whatever platform your ministry pursues,
you & your team will be successful.

Not complicated enough? Try if for a year and see how your ministry changes!





About the Author

Greg is a children’s ministry veteran of over 25 years who blogs at He now serves Senior Director of Leadership Development at David C Cook, developing and delivering ministry training around the world. He’s a sports nut who married way over his head to Michele, and is kept on his toes by two teenage boys, Taylor and Garret. Website:;; http://Facebook/com/ChildrensMinistryLeader