The Power of Grandparents

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When children are asked about influence Grandparents come in second only to parents.
When research is done in the area of childhood influence, grandparents rate just as high.

Grandparents have incredible power.

But it isn’t influence that comes easy. Grand-parenting can be a struggle because they’ve passed the baton of parenting on to their own child and they have to resist the urge to manipulate through power, guilt, or another type of control.

Still, you have a story to be told. You have a way you think things should be done.

But you know pushing too hard means loosing influence.

This weekend, Larry Fowler, a leader with Awana and a grandparent himself, will be teaching a webinar on how grandparents can influence three generation.

he’ll talk about:

* What the Bible says about grandparenting
* How to deal with an indifferent parent
* What to do when your adult child is just plain wrong
* Praying for your grandchildren
…and much more.
The webinar is free, kind of. While the webinar is not Awana specific, they do ask that you sponsor an Awana child if you are able. A donation of $20 is hoped for, but more so they want to help you – so watch the webinar even if you cannot donate.
For more information, or to register, visitwww.awana.org/grandparents
I think you’ll find it valuable.





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