The Customer is Always Right!

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When I worked at a supermarket in High School, they taught us to never say, “I don’t know” Any time you are asked a question rather than say I don’t know, say Ill find out. The Supermarket Rule was to show them where to find it; you walk them to the product; and make sure they are satisfied. It may or may not be your area of expertise, but you need to find out how to get there and how to help the customer.

I feel like Ministry is the same. I have many people come up to me and ask me questions or present a problem that I truly has nothing to do with me or my job. It is my job to find out how to help.

Our Job is to make sure people get the information they need to help them connect to the church and grow in Jesus. The way we help people will effect their overall sense of welcoming and love towards them at the church. Here are a few things never to say to someone asking you a question that has nothing to do with your department or ministry.

  1. I don’t know – The last thing we should ever say is , “I don’t know”. We say, “Let me find out for you.” Find the answer and make sure you help the attendee until their question is answered. You may just need to find the person in charge of their specific area of question and make the connection. Do not under any circumstances make your answer, “I Don’t Know”.
  2. You need to talk to ‘So in so’ – It is of course alright to tell someone that they need to talk to the right person, but help them find that person, give them information to contact that person, or help them connect with the person they need to.
  3. That’s not my job – This is possibly the worst response in history. Not only is it completely unhelpful, but also it is divisive. What you are telling the attendee is “I don’t care”, it’s not my problem and I couldn’t care less. More than likely, you are right, It is not your job, but help them completely. Being ministry minded is being someone that will take the time to make sure needs are met despite who is in charge or who gets credit.

You should never be too busy to take the time to help someone find an answer to a question. Ministry is a relationship business and if we aren’t helping people connect to the answers to the questions they have, we are telling a visitor, attendee, and member, we just don’t care enough.

Go the extra mile and do your part to ensure people find what they are looking for.





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Kidmin Resources was created by a Kidmin Pastor, Mitch Royer. With over 10 years of experience in Kidmin, he is currently serving at Austin Ridge Bible Church, and loves everything Kidmin. He is Married to, Stacy, he has one daughter, Fiona, and a baby boy, McNeely (He knows it weird, it’s a family name). His passion is to create and grow Children’s Ministries in the United States and Around the World.