The Christmas Blahs…

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I think that the Grinch is very real.

And he’s out to steal Christmas.

As a parent, we have about 18 Christmas seasons with our children. 18! That’s not very many. Chances are they won’t remember much about their first 4, so that leaves 14. That’s less than the recommended number of times that people who study such things say that it takes to form a habit. That alone means that parents are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to passing on tradition, beliefs and values surrounding Christmas.

The good news is that Christmas time lends itself very well to repetition, not just once each year – but over and over during the same month. This is what we are celebrating. This is why we celebrate. This is what we value. Over and over.

But the Grinch wants us to see that repetition is boring. He wants us to believe that we’re wasting our time.

The Grinch also wants us to feel the Christmas “blahs.” We wants us to struggle with getting into the joy that surrounds Christmas…not just to think we are wasting our time – to actually waste our time.

Perhaps the Grinch that Dr. Suess envisioned isn’t quite accurate though – and that’s not the one that I am thinking about.

Nevertheless, we should be asking:

How many Christmas seasons do I have left with my child at home?
How am I going to make them count? 





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