The Biggest Road Block to Getting Volunteers

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Everyone needs more volunteers, right? I have discovered the biggest road block to getting new volunteers on your team. Are you ready? It’s your desk. You need to get away from it and start asking people to join the children’s ministry team!

God didn’t sit back and wait for people to volunteer. God used a burning bush to get Moses’ attention. God used a violent storm and a big fish to convince Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach. God used a sycamore tree to help Zacchaeus meet Jesus. God used a blinding light to stop Saul in his tracks and get him to sign up for the right team. You don’t have to use a burning bush or a big fish. But you do need to make the big “ask.”

Dale Hudson is the director of children’s ministries at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach, Florida. He said, “Last year we added over six hundred new volunteers to our team. How? The majority were one-on-one invites by our staff and volunteers. Week in and week out. In my opinion, nothing is more effective than the personal ask.”