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What’s the best idea you’ve ever had in your Awana program? That’s a question I asked a group of leaders I met this fall – here’s what they told me.

1. The best thing we’ve done is designate one month every winter to tell the story of a famous missionary.  We include PowerPoint, end each week’s lesson with a cliffhanger and do other activities highlighting the year’s biography. The clubbers and leaders are always on the edge of their seats and excited about coming back. They love to hear how God works and how the missionary relied on God in difficult circumstances. (From Monte Vista Chapel, Turlock, California)

2. The best idea we ever had was taking our game time outside in front of the church … and at a local park. (Not sure THIS idea would work in some places like Wisconsin or Maine, but if you live in a warm climate – this would be a great way to let the neighborhood see what was happening in your kids’ program.)

3. The best idea we had at our church was playing tricycle games with the Trek and Journey teens. (I’m guessing the kids have to RIDE the too-small bikes – causing a lot of hilarity.)  Thanks to Alyssa from Atwater Community Bible Church, Atwater, California.

4. The best idea we had was to “adopt-a-clubber.” Some of the people in our church are unable to serve, but still take part by praying for a clubber throughout the year. The clubber can write out prayer requests for their “prayer warrior” each week. (This is a great idea, but be careful about sharing information or pictures without parental permission – because of child protection issues.)

5. Our best idea at Golden Hills Church in Brentwood, California was inviting local firefighters, police and EMTs to club. We presented them with special certificates and prayed for them. This was done as part of our “Life Saver” theme night. Kids love to see and “high 5″ these special people in our community.

6. Our best idea is our Harvest Fiesta held each fall with lot of games, fun and ministry. (From Beth, Bible Christian Church, LeGrand, California.)

7. Another great idea from Atwater Community Bible Church – we made sand castles to go along with a lesson on foundations and building your house on the rock. (Matthew 7)  Then we poured water around the bases and watched them collapse. (A great picture to illustrate a biblical truth.)

8. Our best idea was having our 5th and 6th graders take a Bible study class and then having them do a lesson during T&T. (From Jeanette at Crossroad Bible Church, San Jose, California)

9. The best idea we had was having my husband and son build a boat from cardboard for the kids to sit in while I told the story of the Lord Jesus calming the storm. (Luke 8)

10. The best idea we had was to step out in faith, give up our former kids’ program and start Awana!





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