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Every week, you and I have the opportunity to influence and help others with their dreams. Some kids may have a dream of being a pilot, a school teacher or to play in the NFL. Those are good dreams, but it is important to teach them to push past the “hope” of being a pilot, a school teacher or NFL player and to actually take steps towards that dream.

Hope is the belief in a positive outcome about the future. Hope always precedes faith. It gives your faith something to shoot for. It is like a goal. Faith begins with the end in mind. Once you have hope, then it is time to put your faith into action.

Teaching kids the difference between hope and faith is the beginning to teaching them how they can reach their dreams. You start by teaching what hope is and then going into what faith is.

This Inter-Active Object Lesson is a fun and easy way to teach your kids the difference between hope and faith.


A Hole In One
Inter-Active Object Lesson



Hope gives your faith something to shoot for.



Golf ball

Plastic cup you can lay on its side

Practice putting green – If your budget allows you can find online for about $20

Small prize


Set up your practice putting green in front of class


Pick four kids to have a putting contest

Prize goes to whoever gets a hole in one


Have you ever played putt putt golf? Do you know anybody that is really good at it? If I just come up here and swat the ball, it will miss the cup.

(Hit the ball without aiming.)

What do I need to do if I want to sink my putt? I need to aim for the target. The target is the cup. In real life hope is like the cup in putt putt. Hope is the belief in a positive outcome about the future. If I have a bad day, it is an attitude that tomorrow will be a better day. What are some things that you are hoping for?

(Allow kids to respond.) Those are all good things to hope for, but hope all by itself will not get the job done. Hope just gives our faith something to shoot for, but I still have to swing the club. If I just stand here all day and aim at the cup nothing happens. If I swing wildly without aiming I will miss the cup. I need to aim and take the swing. Hope and faith are like a team. They work together.

Click Here for PDF of FAITH 2.0 – 01 A HOLE IN ONE.





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Pastor, filmmaker, coach and comic book collector, Mark Harper has over 30 years of experience in the local church. He is the creator of the Super Church Curriculum series, which is used in over 5,000 churches worldwide. Mark and his wife Debra have two adult children, one grandchild and one Yorkie who thinks he's a german shepherd.