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hey, ya’ll. after spending last week in CrazyTown, i’m happy to be home, and settled, and looking forward to a full three weeks before another trip. we’re absolutely loving our new apartment in the heart of the city, and slowly, we’re getting used to a new life with new routines. yesterday, after meeting my sister for dinner in the suburbs, as i was driving home, i saw the twinkle of the city lights, and it occured to me — this is my city! chicago isn’t just a neat place where i visit or work — it’s my home. it was a beautiful moment; one we’ve wanted and hoped for a very long time.

as you might imagine, i’m loving the work at willow chicago. i’m having an absolute blast working alongside the whole team, and getting to know volunteers and parents is such a joy, and yesterday {!} i spent a few minutes laughing and playing with the kids in the toddler room, and thought — really, this is work?! for many, many reasons, this job is so good for me right now, and for that, i’m thankful and relishing every moment.

along those lines, i’ve developed a simple new tool for sunday mornings that helps me lead & interact with volunteers and parents. i call it the sunday staff sheet. when, i first started three months ago, there was a lot happening on sundays, and {in my opinion} not a ton of staff organization. i needed something that would help direct the staff’s efforts so that we’d all be moving in the same direction.

enter: the sunday staff sheet. this is a one-page document that i create and print each sunday morning. i hand it out at our ten-minute sunday staff meeting. it includes: the volunteers serving in each classroom, notes for what i plan to say during the volunteer huddle, names of new families i know will be attending, names of volunteers who are serving for the first time, a box for total attendance numbers, church-wide announcements, and a big space for follow up notes. the sunday staff sheet serves as my guide for sunday morning. i created it with the intention that any information the staff needed on a sunday morning could be found on the document.

i also use the sheet on monday to follow up on notes, and as a sunday recap during our monday team meeting. i’m in love with this document, and quite possibly couldn’t survive sunday without it.

if it’s helpful to you, download a sample of the sheet here. and please, i’m looking for tips — how do you stay organized on sunday? there are always so many people and details to remember, how do you do it?!  besides drinking more coffee. which is obvious. and, totally necessary.





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Amy Dolan is founder, leader and blogger for Lemon Lime Kids, a children’s ministry consulting company that seeks to encourage churches to consider a fresh approach to leading and teaching children. Amy started the company in 2005, as a way to empower and encourage fellow children’s ministry leaders, and since that first day has had the opportunity to work with leaders & organizations committed to the spiritual growth of children. Amy believes that the church fully empowered, combined with the commitment of the family, and the compassion of the community has the power to inspire children’s faith for a lifetime. In addition to her consulting work with Lemon Lime Kids, Amy leads the strategic curriculum development for Phil Vischer’s new curriculum What’s in the Bible? (whatsinthebible.com), and serves as Director of LOCAL, a Chicago-area children’s ministry collaborative (kidmin.com). Amy is the former Executive Director for Children’s Ministry at the Willow Creek Association, a former Children’s Ministry Director at The Chapel in Libertyville, IL and a Curriculum Writer for Promiseland at Willow Creek in South Barrington. Amy is proud to be married to her husband Kelly, and loves living in Chicago. Amy blogs at lemonlimekids.com and tweets at @adolan.