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So, did you watch the STATE of the UNION address by the President? Regardless of your political opinions, it is a good practice to stop once a year and consider the state of the union. How are we doing? What have we accomplished? What could we do better? Who can we honor?

Have you ever considering addressing the STATE of the KIDMIN?

Often we get stuck in a rut. We do the same things every year because… well, we did them last year. And the year before. And possibly, the year before that. Maybe you should consider doing your own “STATE of the KIDMIN” for your parents, leaders and volunteers. You could do a luncheon or simply a letter you send out. But similar to the President, share what has gone well, what could be done better, and honor some people who have served well. There is always cause for applause in the children’s ministry. And the good news is, there probably isn’t two parties in your kidmin you have to worry about “crossing the aisle” to appeal to!

So what is the STATE of your KIDMIN? Is it time to do some evaluating in what YOUR KIDMIN should do differently in 2014?

Consider: If you had to be elected to your leadership position, what would you do differently in the upcoming year to please kids, parents, volunteers or even….. you boss?

Just something to consider.





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Karl got his mission to reach and teach kids for Jesus and enlist, encourage and equip others to do the same when he was only ten. This passion has led to several ministries and websites. Discover them all on Kidology.org. Follow Karl on Twitter @Kidologist or his blog is kidologist.com.