Squirrels In The Trees

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his is a very simple game that can be used as a game activity for preschoolers, or adapted into more difficult versions.

  1. Divide students into groups of 3 or 4 players.
  2. Have 2 or 3 students join hands to make a tree. Have the other player inside the circle to represent the squirrels.
  3. Leave a couple squirrels without trees, in other words you need a couple less trees than you have squirrels. Now all squirrels except 1 or 2 have a tree.
  4. On the teacher’s signal, all squirrels must leave their home and try to find another tree. The squirrels that do not find a tree are made to perform a silly dance before continuing onto the next round.
  5. You can add more to this game by having the trees and squirrels perform a group exercise upon the squirrels reaching a home. Then maybe the squirrels that did not find a home could perform a little more difficult task. After several rounds, switch the squirrels with some of the trees. Continue until all players have gotten to play the squirrels.

VARIATION: To make this game a little more active, I have played the tree in the wind, where the trees will move around the room, making it more difficult for a squirrel to get into the tree.  This keeps everyone a little more active.

Thailand Fun Facts

  • PrintThailand is located in South East Asia, below China
  • The country is affectionately called “the land of white elephants” & “the land of smiles.”
  • The national religion is Buddhism. The people are consumed by idol and spirit worship, and seek the protection from local spirits through amulets, curses, and offerings.
  • Greeting a person consists of joining one’s palms together in front of their chest, then bowing one’s head.
  • Thai is the national language, although there are over 85 languages spoken there.





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