Social Media: What Does God See?

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A few years ago John Piper voiced a thought about not only the dangers, but the potential of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al. He began by pointing out that there are two typical responses to the media:

Response 1: Since these sites weaken discursive reassigning, tend to shorten attention spans, lure people away from prayer and scripture, feed the fire of narcissism, and make use people who comment on life rather than live it we should avoid them. We should boycott or write books about the problem.

Response 2: While much of what is said in response one is true, rather than boycott, we should fill these media with as much Bible-saturated, relational, Christ-exalting creative pointers to true greatness as you can.

While cautious, Piper leans toward response 2. I do too. And since you’re reading my blog, I think it’s safe to say that you do as well.

But there’s a difference between thinking that we should fill these spaces with Christ and actually doing it.

When I look at my Facebook feed, it’s more full of game invites, Someecards, memes and comments of nothingness that it is of real life. And the mentions of God tend to be more of the flavor of like, copy & past this is you love Jesus than actual ways that God has touched peoples lives.

So I’d like to invite you – nay, challenge you – to join me and some ministry friends as we work to, even in a small way, shift the landscape of selfies, food pics, quotes, and memes.

We’re going to create something new.

Instead of copying and pasting something we’ve seen online, we’re going to capture what God is showing us – right now. Every Thursday in February we’re going to redeem social media by taking a moment to consider the question, “What does God see?” With that in mind, we’ll capture and post a picture that answers the question. You can use whatever social media channel you prefer.

If you join the challenge, tag your posts with #dcctg14 so we can all see what God is revealing to you.





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