Small Changes. Big Difference

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2016 – a new year.

Sometimes with a new year, we think of new changes in our lives –

– or in our Awana ministry.

What changes are you thinking about in your ministry?

First of all, don’t make the common mistake of changing something that doesn’t need to be changed. If the kids like that super energetic praise song or playing “tails,” or earning points for a quarterly pizza party; keep those activities in place. Changing for the sake of change doesn’t usually work.

But there are some areas maybe you could change. (Every ministry is different so what might need changed in one church might be working exceptionally well in another.)

Here are some ideas to initiate that change mindset.

*Reorganize how kids register or how they are dismissed.Sometimes clubs that run well become chaotic as everyone is running in or out of the doors. What can be done to make these times more controlled? Perhaps it’s as simple as asking a leader to be stationed by the door.

*Play some new games (but don’t get rid of the old favorites).Replace that one that is always welcomed with “that’s booorrriiinnng” or three kids have gotten hurt playing the past couple weeks.  Check out the Awana store. You’ll find a lot of game resources.

*Develop a new emphasis on reaching kids with the gospel. Are you encouraging kids to bring their friends? Are you giving leaders time to talk personally to kids (with another leader nearby of course) to make sure they understand the meaning of trusting Christ. Be intentional about reaching kids.

*Become more missions-oriented. Sign up for GO.

*Does the room setup need to be changed? Maybe handbook groups need to be spaced out a little better or the Large Group area needs to face an uncluttered wall instead of a distracting window facing a hallway. Think it through. (For instance, instead of several rows of chairs in our Sparks club, we have changed the setup to a large circle. That way all Sparks are in the front row and it’s not so easy for them to get restless.)

*Can you put a new emphasis on reaching parents? Could you have a unique parents’ event or invite parents to visit club?

*Does your schedule need to be changed? Would one major theme night a month work better than two half-hearted ones? Or, maybe you need more theme nights? Would it be better for the Sparks to be in the gym first instead of the Trek kids? Would five more minutes in Handbook Time and five less minutes of games be advantageous? Think it through.

*Should change come in the form of attitude? Do you encourage the kids to whom you minister? Do you encourage the other leaders? Or do they see you as someone who is there out of duty and putting in time until the last kid is out the door. Before each club night, pray that God will give you wisdom to minister to the kids and patience when things don’t go as expected. Truly BE His disciple.

These are a few possible changes, but every club is different. You need to evaluate what is happening in your club and what small changes will make a big difference in 2016.





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Life is about my love for the Lord and teaching kids about His Word; about serving at Awana (20 years); about collecting counties (every county we visit is marked on a giant map) and grandkids (6) --- and writing about it all. My latest book is How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph (David C. Cook).