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last month, i posted on the ten-minute sunday staff meeting. y’all, i love meetings.

this morning, as this blog posts, i’m in my sixty-minute monday staff meeting. because, apparently, naming meetings to include the actual length of the meeting has become my thing.

every monday morning, we meet together as a children’s ministry staff to review, plan, and pray.

{review}: we start by reviewing the previous sunday. we each take about 5 minutes to share our experience leading in our classrooms. each person talks about things that went well, things that need improvement, and shares stories about the kids’, parents, and volunteers.

i enforce a very strict rule during this review time — if it’s not your time to review, you don’t get to speak. no interrupting, no clarifying, no follow-up action steps. this time is for each person to share her experience, and for the rest to listen. that’s it.

{plan}: next up, we plan for the upcoming sunday. we review curriculum, volunteer schedules, logistics, special events, supplies, and assign tasks for the week so that everyone is super clear on what needs to be and who needs to do what in order to prep the upcoming sunday.

during this time, the rules are different than during the review time: we can talk over each other in order to seek clarity, and sometimes one thing reminds someone of another thing which makes the planning feel random and at-times scattered. but, all that’s ok with me. the goal is for everyone to feel prepared for the week and weekend ahead. and, sometimes it can be a bit chaotic getting there.

{pray}: we end each staff meeting by praying for the kids, parents, families in our ministry. we’ve been asking for prayer requests on sundays and letting volunteers know that we pray for them on mondays. it’s been such a joy to intercede on behalf of those in our community. after prayer, we occasionally follow up with an email, phone call, or note to let people know they are in our prayers.

sixty-minute monday staff meeting. i’m a fan. and, you? when do you meet with your children’s ministry team? and, what’s your format? share! share!

PS: here’s the agenda we use. if you like, use it too!





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Amy Dolan is founder, leader and blogger for Lemon Lime Kids, a children’s ministry consulting company that seeks to encourage churches to consider a fresh approach to leading and teaching children. Amy started the company in 2005, as a way to empower and encourage fellow children’s ministry leaders, and since that first day has had the opportunity to work with leaders & organizations committed to the spiritual growth of children. Amy believes that the church fully empowered, combined with the commitment of the family, and the compassion of the community has the power to inspire children’s faith for a lifetime. In addition to her consulting work with Lemon Lime Kids, Amy leads the strategic curriculum development for Phil Vischer’s new curriculum What’s in the Bible? (whatsinthebible.com), and serves as Director of LOCAL, a Chicago-area children’s ministry collaborative (kidmin.com). Amy is the former Executive Director for Children’s Ministry at the Willow Creek Association, a former Children’s Ministry Director at The Chapel in Libertyville, IL and a Curriculum Writer for Promiseland at Willow Creek in South Barrington. Amy is proud to be married to her husband Kelly, and loves living in Chicago. Amy blogs at lemonlimekids.com and tweets at @adolan.