Seven Tips For Teaching Kids To Be Thankful

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Do you ever feel like you pour your life into to your kids but they don’t seem to appreciate what you do?

If you get the sense that your kids are not thankful for what you give them, you may be giving too much. Worse yet, you could be

giving them a sense of entitlement.

The bottom line is that we need to do more than give unconditionally to our kids.


Children are not born with an attitude of gratitude.

You need to have a strategy to teach your kids to be grateful.

Seven tips for teaching kids to be thankful.

1) Teach your kids to tithe.

Don’t give your kids money for the offering. Teach them to tithe from “their money.” Tithing is saying “Thank You” to God.

2) NO is a good boundary word.

It teaches your kids where you end and they begin. You need to say no more that you say yes.

3) Do not be manipulated.

This may be a surprise to you but kids are master manipulators. If your child is throwing a fit to get something, don’t give in.

“A child who gets his own way brings his mother to shame” Proverbs 29:15

4) Teach your kids how to save.

You don’t have to give your child everything they want. Teach them how to work and save up for something big. This gives your kids a sense of control.

5) Take a drive through a poverty stricken neighborhood.

When children see kids that are needy and hungry it has a powerful emotional impact.

6) Encourage your children to serve others.

When children learn how to serve others at church and through mission projects, it teaches them that their purpose in life is to meet the needs of others.

7) Go on a Missions Trip with your kids.

Admittedly this is a financial investment but it pays rich dividends.

There you have it.

Seven Tips For Teaching Kids To Be Thankful.





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Pastor, filmmaker, coach and comic book collector, Mark Harper has over 30 years of experience in the local church. He is the creator of the Super Church Curriculum series, which is used in over 5,000 churches worldwide. Mark and his wife Debra have two adult children, one grandchild and one Yorkie who thinks he's a german shepherd.