Seriously? Kids of Divorce Can Disciple and Minister?

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Many times when one reads articles or posts about kids of divorce, we read about hurting children. We envision sad children. We think about angry kids. However, we have hundreds of children in our churches that are healing from the devastation of divorce. They have moved past always being sad and angry. These are kids whose one or both parents have kept them in church.

These are also the children that have been through DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids. These are the kids that are back on their feet. They have crossed the victory line so to speak.

While they will always have to deal with the divorce and living in two homes, they have learned how to accomplish this surmounting task with dignity and with the help of a heavenly Father.

These are the kids that can minister to almost any kid in your Sunday morning class or other group situations at your church.

  • These kids know what it’s like to hurt, to be sad and how to get through some rough times.
  • They know what anger and rage feels like and how to process their feelings so they don’t hurt so much any more.
  • They can befriend the child that is being abused. You will have many that have experienced it themselves, although you may never know it. But they will recognize others who are in the same situation.
  • They can ease the transition of a new child to the area and to your church.
  • These are the kids we need to call on to pray for other children.
  • If asked they can befriend a new comer.

Don’t discount what God has done or is doing in their lives. Many of these children have old souls in that they have lived with more hurt and problems than many Christian adults. They understand.

Never discount what a child of divorce can do; how they can minister and how they can disciple others.






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Linda has been a children’s ministry director, developed DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids,, operated a therapeutic child care, and has extensive experience at successfully accommodating challenging behaviors. She currently serves as the DC4K Ambassador and Professional blogger at