Science Object Lesson: God is All Knowing

Teaching Techniques / The Basics //

Supplies – ruler, piece of white paper , marker

On a piece of paper, mark a small X on
the right side.

paper w x

With the ruler, measure 5
inches to the left of the X and make a dot
the size of a penny at this point.

x and o on paper w ruler

Hold the paper up and close your right eye.

While looking at the X, move the paper left
and right or closer and farther away. Keep
looking at the X. Even if you are looking
at the X, you should be able to see the dot
out of the corner of your eye until you
have found your blind spot. At this point,
the dot will seem to disappear.

Even though you know the dot is still on
the paper, you cannot see it when you
hit your blind spot.

Is there ever a time
when God knows that we are here but
does not see us? (No, He always knows
where we are and can see us.)

Lesson comes from the Kaboom curriculum.

The Lord searches every heart and understands
every motive behind the thoughts.

I Chronicles 28: 9b





About the Author

Dienna Goscha is Innovations Pastor at Prairie Oak Community Church in Andover, Minnesota where she gets to daily dream and implement creative ideas. She is also the owner and author of River’s Edge Curriculum, a kid’s ministry resource provider. Dienna can be contacted at or through her website at