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Many of you know that I (Greg Baird) partner with Kidz Blitz to present Kidz Blitz LIVE and FX LIVE in the Western United States. One of the benefits of this partnership is being able to work with people like Roger Fields, founder of Kidz Blitz. Here’s a recent post from Roger which I thought was too good not to share!

Rules for KidMin

These are the 10 undeniable rules for leading a children’s ministry, and as such, they are beyond dispute. They are set in granite. Or at least that’s my opinion.

  1. laughingDon’t emphasize what kids should do for God. Emphasize what God has done for them through Jesus.

  2. Be a people person. Love people. Talk to people. Embrace people. Get to know your kids, workers and parents.

  3. Recruit directly. Don’t beg for workers. Approach gifted people and recruit them individually. Be bold.

  4. Have fun. Have a lot of fun. Have more fun. Don’t make children’s ministry seem like school.

  5. Be bold to ask for what you need from the church. Ask for money. Ask for space. Ask for whatever you need. Don’t pout if you don’t get it but don’t be too timid to ask.

  6. Walk by faith. Kids learn more than they let on. Know that God is doing a work in them through what you are doing.

  7. Teach kids what Jesus is like. They can only develop a relationship with Jesus when they know what He is like.

  8. Make sure kids understand that God loves and accepts them. Never convey a performance-based understanding of God.

  9. Look for ways to get kids involved. Let kids learn by doing. Turn spectators into participants.

  10. Never mimic another church. Just because something works somewhere else does not mean God wants you to copy it. Hear what God’s Spirit is saying to you. Be a good listener.

Roger Fields
President of Kidz Blitz Ministries





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