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Getting Started Pocket Guides are a new Awana product – just introduced this fall. The purpose is to have a quick reference point for leaders – right in their pockets.

Our reviewer is Don Flood. Don is a retired Christian Education/Church Administrator Pastor. For 7 years, he taught Christian Education at Western Seminary in Los Gatos, California. He andhis wife, Diane, attend Foothil94774_mdl Bible Church in Lincoln, California and have been involved in Awana since 1981. His position in club is leadership trainer and his role is club substitute which means by the end of any given club year, he has served in every position except secretary or Cubbies leader.

I met Don at a conference this fall and the first thing he told me was how much he appreciated the guides, so I asked him to write a review.

THE PRODUCT: Getting Started Pocket Guides: Puggles/Cubbies (Preschool age), Sparks (Grades k-2), and T&T (Grades 3-6).

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: They are small pocket-sized role guides for Awana leaders to keep with them at club. The best way to describe these Pocket Guides is two words: helpful and practical.

HOW WE USE THE PRODUCT? We provided these age-appropriate Pocket Guides to all of our leaders to use as reviews/reminders of their roles for each time segment in club.94782_md

I also plan on using them as a review for new leaders after Getting Started (previously known as BT or Basic Training)

 WHY I LIKE POCKET GUIDES: They keep the goals of Awana in front of the leader in easy-to- remember terms.

These Pocket Guides are concise and accurate in their descriptions of each role an Awana leader assumes as club night progresses. They bring to the leader a helpful understanding of each age groups’ characteristics and provide practical help for Scripture memory and sharing the Gospel with a leader’s clubbers.

They are sturdily constructed and can survive pockets and purses.

 SUGGESTIONS FOR USE: Each leader and director should have the pocket guide for their club and keep it with them to review. (It also makes a great prayer card for the leader to pray specifically about their role skills.)

The commander can pick one page for a quick review at leaders’ meetings.

Use them as r94790_mdeview after training new leaders.

 WHY YOU WOULD RECOMMEND IT? I recommend Pocket Guides because they are a great practical resource for the leader to be at his/her best during club.

 WHAT RATING WOULD YOU GIVE IT (FROM 1-5 WITH 5 BEING THE HIGHEST)?   I give Pocket Guides a 4.9 rating.

 WHAT I DON’T LIKE IN THE POCKET GUIDES: Puggles and Cubbies are not ready for group evangelism. To suggest that they are by including a “Sharing The Gospel” section is insensitive to age-appropriate evangelism.

PURCHASE: Go here to order the Pocket Guides.





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