Preparing Your Ministry for Growth

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How do you prepare your ministry for growth? A healthy ministry is one that is discipling mature Christ followers and is growing in size as new believers join the church and are being discipled themselves. Once your ministry is discipling mature believers who are evangelizing others, you then need to prepare your ministry for growth. Are you ready for growth?


Most children’s ministries would love to bring in more children every week. The question is, “Are they actually ready for more kids?”

Evaluate whether or not your children’s ministry is ready for growth:

  • Do you have plenty of room for more kids, or are you being maxed out on space?
  • Do you have enough volunteers that you could handle more children?
  • Do you have extra chairs?
  • Do you have enough curriculum?
  • Do you have plenty of resources on hand, in case more children start attending?
  • Have you been spending time in prayer with God, asking Him for help to grow your ministry?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself if you are interested in bringing more kids to your children’s ministry. In order to grow your ministry, you have to prepare for growth. If your ministry has 100 kids, set up your structure so that you are prepared for 250 kids. If you are barely maintaining where you are at now, then your ministry isn’t quite ready for more children. It’s up to you to prepare your children’s ministry for growth.





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