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You are a Children’s Minister.  You lead children at your church.  You plan programs for them.  You come up with fun ways to teach the Bible.   You do mission projects.  You teach the kids how important it is to serve.  You recruit and train volunteers.  You plan fun events for kids and their families.  You teach the kids about prayer and how to talk to God.  But…do you actually pray FOR the kids at your church?

Your life as a Children’s Minister is crazy busy.   Sometimes you come home just wiped out after a big event.   You tell kids that you will pray for them.  Sometimes you just get spray sticky noteo caught up in DOING ministry that you actually forget to do THE most important thing…pray for the  kids in your ministry.  However, we should never forget this.  Here are some ways to  help you always remember:

1.  Sticky note reminder    Placea sticky note or card somewhere that will remind you to pray for the kids in your ministry.

2.  Make a Prayer List     When you are in large group worship or your small group time, write down the requests your kids have for that week.  Take that list and put it in your Bible or devotional book or whatever you use when you spend time with God.

3.  Create a Prayer Calendar    I found this cool Prayer calendar template on Children’s Ministry Deals that shows the days of the week (and it’s a free download).  Print it out and write down the names of kids you will pray for on the days you will pray for them.  Then put that prayer calendar in your Bible and pull it out each day as you spend time with God and pray for the kids in your church.  Here’s the link to the prayer calendar:

4.  Keep a Prayer Journal    I like to keep a prayer journal and write down the people I have prayed for and the date on which I prayed for them.  When you pray, write down the kids in your ministry you are praying for and what you are praying for them.   Then you can go back and see the amazing ways God answered your prayers for those kids.

5.  Send a Child a Note   When you have prayed for a child, take a few minutes to sit down and write a short note letting them you know you prayed for them.  This would mean so much to them!!

Now, you may be saying,  “But I’ve got 500 kids in my ministry!  How would I ever begin to pray for all of them?”  You can cover them all in prayer by using your awesome volunteers. Have your small group leaders do all of the above for the kids in their small groups.

How should I pray for them?  When I was a summer camp counselor in college we sang a song at the end of our week with all the campers.  In this song it says, “I’ll be praying for you every morning.  As I start off the day with the Lord.  I’ll be praying that you’re walking with Jesus and abiding in his Word.”   That is the ultimate prayer for each of the kids in my ministry.  I want them to walk with Jesus every day, to read their Bibles and to use what they read and learn from the Bible to help them in their daily walk with the Lord.

Don’t forget to do the most important thing in your job as a Children’s Minister.  PRAY for your kids!  Then watch as God does amazing things in their lives.





About the Author

Vanessa Myers has been in the ministry for 13 years serving in Youth Ministry & Children’s Ministry and currently serving as the Children’s Director at Dahlonega UMC. She has found that children’s ministry is her passion. She enjoys sharing the love of Jesus with all children, teaching the kids the Bible stories in fun and exciting ways, and planting seeds in the spiritual lives of these children. Vanessa has found another calling to be one of encouraging other Children’s Ministers and loves to write and share her experiences on her blog. Vanessa and her husband, Andrew, have 2 daughters and live in Dahlonega, GA. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter at: vtmyers0921.