Planning a VBS with Purpose

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Each year, you pour a tremendous amount of time and resources into Vacation Bible School because it’s so much more than just a one-week event. It’s the start of new relationships, the beginning of faith formation in children, and a time to embrace new families in your church. In other words, VBS is one week of the year where KIDS take over the church and claim it as their own—so make it a VBS with Purpose! Here’s four main must-haves for a VBS with Purpose.

The best VBS themes are real. Choose a VBS that uses realistic art to give kids the confidence that the Bible is real and true (not a fairy tale). Make it even more real by immersing children right into the Bible story by letting them act it out. VBS from CPH always includes a storytelling site, and this year at Mighty Fortress, everyone gets involved in retelling five Bible accounts of kings, battles, and God’s victory for His people. With the addition of fun props and costumes, kids get completely immersed in telling the Bible story—making it so much fun that they’ll share it again and again with friends and family.

Choose a VBS that’s grounded in the Word. God Himself is present in His Word and He doesn’t need much help speaking to the hearts of kids. That’s why it’s so important to choose a VBS that starts with the Bible (that’s why it’s called Vacation BIBLE School). CPH offers an exclusive Bible challenge site designed to equip leaders and kids to search in His Word. At Victory Village Bible Challenge, kids learn memory verses set to music, dig into the Bible for answers, and visualize life lessons in science-based demonstrations. What a fun way to make Bible truths “stick” in the hearts and minds of children. Speaking of fun . . .

Think fun—with a purpose. Today teaching kids can be a challenge, especially with all the activities and technologies they encounter. But what value is left when the entertainment is gone? Choose a VBS that offers multiple ways to engage kids in Bible learning by hitting all learning styles and sensory points. At Mighty Fortress, kids act out Bible stories, make and take crafts, sing and move to high-energy music, and play games—not just for fun, but to understand Gospel truths—relevant now and for a lifetime.

After the craft glue dries, and the snacks are just crumbs, you will want children to leave your VBS knowing their need for a Savior—and that His name is Jesus. At CPH, it’s our prayer, that after your VBS, families will hunger and thirst for more and that they would return to your church for a rich and continual feast of God’s Word. Make it a VBS with Purpose!

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