Parents: What are You Teaching Your Kids?

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I’m venting, it’s true.

Prepare yourself.

I recently have sat with a number of different groups of parents
who have all had a common theme in their words when they speak about their kids.

Sports and academics are more important than my child’s spiritual life. 

They maybe didn’t say that in so many words but that’s exactly what they were saying.

“We can’t be involved in a mid-week program at church because it’s either that or no AP classes.”

“My child doesn’t have time for church activities because she’s dedicated to piano.”

“We don’t have time to memorize verses when the kids have to memorize spelling words.”

“We’re constantly busy with weekly school and sport activities, there is no time for a weekly church event.”

Do you hear the unspoken words there?

It absolutely breaks my heart and it also makes me mad. Very mad.

Your child’s spiritual life matters for eternity. ETERNITY. Like forever. Academics and sports are temporal and fleeting. I understand the desire to achieve and the pressures to get into good colleges and have good jobs but honestly. None of that truly matters in the long run. A life without Jesus is meaningless and empty.

If you train up your child to achieve only in the temporal things, they will always be trying to be good enough and they’ll never be enough.

Achieving temporal

If you train up your child to believe that their brain matters more than anything else they’ll always be trying and failing.

How I wish, and pray, for a generation of parents to rise up and get it. Seriously, get it! You have a few short years to impact the very foundation of your child’s life. You get to help form the very core of who they are, what they believe, and where their worth comes from. Stop teaching them it’s in temporary and fleeting things and help them find their worth in Jesus. In Him alone.

This of course, requires you to also find your worth in Jesus. Ouch. That’s hard to hear. Be healthy and model health. Stop allowing the world to tell you what matters and start showing the world what really matters. Raise up kids who are passionately in love with Jesus first and who also happen to be good at sports or smart in school. No, they may not play every game and no, they may not get the highest score in the class every time but Who they know is what matters and they’re secure in that.

That’s what matters. That’s my heart and my prayer. As a person who has no biological children, but who loves kids with all her heart. That’s my prayer. Be different. Be Jesus.





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