One Of The Best Tools For Ministry Networking Ever Created

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I am a big fan of networking.  What is networking?  It is simply connecting with other people who share the same passion and purpose that you do.

There are many reasons why networking with other Children’s Ministry Leaders is a wise idea:

  1. INSPIRATION – You can get inspiration from what they are trying in their ministries.  Who knows?  God may use someone else’s idea to spark something in your mind and heart!
  2. INFORMATION – Getting together with other Children’s Ministry Leaders helps you find out what all is out there that you might be missing.  Curriculum, Music, Illustrations, Outreach, etc.  Swapping ideas and resources is one of the biggest benefits of networking.
  3. CELEBRATION – There is nothing like having people who “get it” celebrate with you for the wins you have in Kids Ministry (large or small).  They understand why it is so signficant, so they celebrate with you!   It warms the soul!

There are MANY other reasons why networking is so vital for Children’s Ministry Leaders.  That’s why I am a BIG fan of Basically, it is like Facebook – exclusively for Children’s Ministry Leaders and Volunteers!  It’s been around for several years and has over 11,000 members from all around the world!  You can swap ideas, trouble-shoot, and get input and feedback – IN REAL TIME!

Here’s the coolest part – IT’S FREE!!  All you have to do is head and sign up.  Instantly, you will be connected with 11,000+ leaders in Children’s Ministry.  There are some BIG NAMES on there:  Jim Wideman, Craig Jutila, Amy Fenton Lee, Yancy, and many more!  Where else can you connect and get advice with some of the most successful Children’s Ministry Leaders in the world??  So, don’t wait!  Head on over to and sign up now!

They just went through a whole image overhaul!  Go check out the new colors and features!!





About the Author

Brian began in Kids Ministry in 1992. He has served at two churches, The Oaks Fellowship (Dallas, TX 1992-1999) and First NLR (North Little Rock, AR 1999 – Present). He loves kids, Kidmin Leaders, and everything that involves leading children in their spiritual journey! Brian founded High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources in 1998, which creates and provides Kids Church Curriculum, Music, Games, Videos, and more to churches around the world.