Not Being a Jerk

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Are you a nice person?  Are you an encourager?  Do people want to be in your presence?

Are you a jerk?  Do you push people away with insulting behavior and a lack of respect?

There is great power and influence in simply being a nice person.  Of course you could lead by demanding and pushing out those that resist, but then you will probably end  up working in a different place than the local church…right?  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case; and I’ve had my fair share of “What are they thinking?” moments with supervisors and pastors I’ve worked for in the church.  But when you make a decision to be a nicer person to those around you, you will open doors of opportunity to truly impact people around you with your vision for where you want to go!

There are probably 1,000 things that could help you be nicer to those around you, but have you considered these?

Have someone over for dinner.

Take someone to coffee.

Write a thank you note.

Send an unwarranted mobile text saying thank you.

Smile at people.

Stop complaining in the presence of others.

Stop conversations that are turning negative.

Compliment someones shoes.

Give people time to answer the question, “How are you doing?”

Be intentional about getting to know people.

Be generous with your time.

Open your life up for others to see.

Make eye contact when listening to someone.

Talk to children.  Really, really talk to them.

Introduce your spouse to new people.

Have a firm handshake and offer your hand to strangers.

Don’t brag about yourself.

Wear deodorant and brush your teeth.

Speak complimentary of your superiors and bosses.

Praise good things in others.

Laugh often.

Don’t laugh when it’s not appropriate.

Ask forgiveness when it’s needed.

Be quick to pray for people when they open up about a need.

Listen well, Talk less.

And most importantly, just try to be nice.  I can promise that if you intentionally set out to be a nicer person, it will happen.  People are much more gracious than you would imagine, and there is room for bad days here and there.  The power of forgiveness compliments this so well!

When we strive to be a person that is concerned for others, then we can become an influencer of people.  When you influence people, you can help lead others through life change!  The power to influence others may be the greatest power given to us, and it all starts with learning to NOT be a jerk!

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About the Author

Jonathan Cliff is the Director of Family Ministries at Athens Church, a North Point Strategic partner, in Athens, Georgia. Jonathan has served in the local church for over 10 years in just about every Family Ministry capacity, and he currently leads a great team of leaders ministering to preschoolers, children, and students. His wife Starr and him have 3 children and have been actively involved in foster care with many other children over the years.