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My brother-in-law, Chris, is a pretty funny guy.   Always saying the funniest things and making everyone laugh.  My sister always says that if Chris doesn’t joke around with you, then he probably doesn’t like you!  He even said the other day that some of his employees told one of the new guys that Chris must like you because he was joking around with you. Chris is one of the funniest guys I know!

I’ve known Chris for most of my life because we grew up together and then he married my older sister.  Lucky him to have married into our family!  On a side note, Chris and my husband, Andrew, have been best friends since elementary school, so my sister and I married best friends!

Chris has always joked around with me.   Always saying funny things about guys I dated in high school and college, things that I liked, and even my job.  One of the things Chris jokes about is saying that all I do as a Children’s Minister is “make kook-aid”.

Now, he really knows that’s not all that I do.  He just likes to joke around with me about that, so don’t any of you Children’s Ministers out there get upset with him for thinking that!

His joke got me thinking about what others might think that we Children’s Ministers do.  I know that I have had some people ask me what my other job is, or what I am doing this summer since VBS is over now, or how many hours do I actually work.   All fair questions, too.   I always tell them that Children’s Ministry is my full-time job.   I have no other job.  This is it.  I serve God in the church full-time (even in the summer).   And I love it!

Children’s Ministry is so much more than serving kool-aid (or Capri Suns or juiceboxes) or even Goldfish crackers. We have an important job in the church. Our mission is to share Christ with all children, making them disciples of Jesus Christ, teaching them about God and his love for them, teaching them about the stories of everyone in the Bible.  We are seed planters.  We plant seeds of faith, joy, love, trust, peace, and hope, all in the name of Jesus.  We don’t always know if a child is listening to what we are saying or if it’s even really sinking in, but we shouldn’t worry about that. We plant those seeds and God brings them to harvest.

There is so much that goes into your job as a Children’s Minister.  You do so much more than probably many in your congregation even know about.  You give your heart to God to serve the little ones in His kingdom.  You don’t serve God and expect to be thanked for it, but I just want to say THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for serving God by serving the kids in your church and community.  Thank you for doing so much and for sharing Christ with your kids.   Thank you for listening to God when he called you to serve the children.   What you do matters.  What you do is more than serving kool-aid.  Thank you for all you do with the children in your church.





About the Author

Vanessa Myers has been in the ministry for 13 years serving in Youth Ministry & Children’s Ministry and currently serving as the Children’s Director at Dahlonega UMC. She has found that children’s ministry is her passion. She enjoys sharing the love of Jesus with all children, teaching the kids the Bible stories in fun and exciting ways, and planting seeds in the spiritual lives of these children. Vanessa has found another calling to be one of encouraging other Children’s Ministers and loves to write and share her experiences on her blog. Vanessa and her husband, Andrew, have 2 daughters and live in Dahlonega, GA. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter at: vtmyers0921.