Dave Condiff Sales Director / Associate Publisher

Dave is a rookie here at KidzMatter, but he is certainly not new in the field of sales and marketing. Dave brings with him many years of experience in this field and is settling in quite nicely as our sales director. He is the kind of new teammate every organization desires with his willingness to just jump into the deep end and do whatever the task requires of him. Dave’s wide range of contacts in the kidmin arena makes him immeasurably valuable to us. We are more than lucky to have him aboard. We are truly blessed.


Beth Frank Chief Creative Officer

Beth creates and shapes much of the vision of our organization, serves on the Senior Team, and is available to all staff to help enhance their departments. Whether it’s a graphic design needed for KidzMatter Magazine, a unique marketing idea, or a decoration for the kitchen here at the KidzMatter office, you can depend on her final creation being something from “outside the box.” Her innovative ideas seem to be nonstop, which is one of her greatest assets to KidzMatter.


Ryan Frank CEO / Publisher

Since Ryan and his wife, Beth, co-founded KidzMatter in September of 2004, Ryan has worn many hats. He has done everything from painting the walls to selling magazine ads to keynote speaking at conferences. Currently his official title is CEO of KidzMatter and Vice President at Awana. However, these are just titles, and he is certainly not into titles. Ryan accepts as many invitations to speak at conferences as his schedule permits. When he is not on the road though, you will quite often catch him sitting in a conference room mapping out a plan or Skyping in on a meeting with someone states away. His favorite part of the work day is taking time to visit different offices to touch base with our team both professionally and personally. You can connect with Ryan on his website, www.RyanFrank.com.


Tina Houser Senior Publications Director / Executive Editor

Tina hit the ground running when she joined KidzMatter in July of 2009 and hasn’t slowed down since. As far as what she does at KidzMatter, you might as well say that she is in the ink of each KidzMatter Magazine that you read and a small piece of her downloads along with every lesson of This iKnow Curriculum. She has a hand in almost every aspect of these two ministries in some fashion. Then on top of those two herculean responsibilities, she travels the country speaking at children’s ministry events and teaching workshops being an ambassador for KidzMatter, but more importantly being an ambassador for her King. You can certainly rest assured that whatever task Tina is involved in, her King will be glorified. Saying that Tina is an integral part of KidzMatter would certainly be an understatement.


Angie Steely Church Care Specialist

Angie came to join KidzMatter in November of 2010 on a part-time basis, but it was soon obvious that we needed her full-time. One of her main tasks is keeping resources on the website updated, links working properly, etc., which we think everyone knows what a frustrating job that can be. She also prepares the digital version of KidzMatter Magazine and our This iKnow Curriculum. But the area in which Angie really shines is caring for our treasured KidzMatter churches. It’s certainly not uncommon for her to be working on Saturday night from home with a children’s pastor who can’t download their This iKnow Curriculum, of course, needing it for the next morning. She is just another prime example of a KidzMatter team member going the extra mile for the kidmin leaders we serve.


Kay Williams Executive Assistant to the CEO

Kay has been with KidzMatter since July of 2010. She sometimes jokes that she does so much multi-tasking that she is borderline schizophrenic at times! Some of her minor responsibilities include that she is the accounting department, human resources, office manager, payroll, etc., for the KidzMatter office. But by far, her biggest job is keeping track of Ryan Frank, aka “The Flash,” and keeping him going. It’s her biggest job, but the most rewarding. She considers herself to be a modern-day Aaron holding up the arms of Moses while he fights God’s battles. She will be the first to tell you that she is privileged to have the honor of supporting Ryan as he serves kidmin leaders across the globe.