Launching a New Club Year

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Launch means to set in motion.

When a cruise ship launches, there is much anticipation and celebration as the boat heads into the open sea.

As children’s ministry leaders, our club launching should give us the same degree of anticipation and celebration for the year ahead of us.

A launch covered with prayer. Does your church have prayer partners, someone to pray for each of your leaders/teachers? Some churches do this anonymously – someone is given the name of a leader and prays for that person throughout the year, occasionally sending an unsigned note of encouragement. Prayer partners are revealed at the end of the club year. Other churches let the partners share identification upfront so the leader can give specific requests. Decide which works for you.

You could also honor the leaders in your ministry on a Sunday morning with the pastor praying a prayer of dedication.

A launch filled with passion for kids. Sometimes people lead a group because they’ve “always done it,” or “it’s my duty.” Think about the kids in your group this year. Think about the lives you’ll have the privilege of impacting sometimes with just one encouraging word. Ask the Lord to give you the passion to enthusiastically work with the kids in your group this year (even those who are difficult).

A launch with a well-prepared room. You really do need to take down the announcements from last April or the poster someone tacked up in 1997. Create a kid-friendly, colorful, appealing room that shouts “fun.”

A launch that has a destination. Is your year planned? What are your goals? What do you want the kids to learn during the year? Setting goals accomplishes so much more than “winging it” week by week.

A launch with well-trained leaders. Even new leaders can be well trained. If you have several new leaders, plan a meeting just for them so they can ask questions without feeling silly in front of the veterans. But don’t assume that your veterans know everything. Why not have a brain-storming meeting focused on new, creative ways to do club?

A launch with discipline guidelines in place. Everyone needs to know the rules. Leaders need to know so they can properly guide kids to good decisions. Kids need to know so they don’t push the boundaries. Nothing hurts the discipline of a club more than one leader being firm on a clubber pushing a boundary while another leader laughs about it or ignores it all together.

A launch that is organized. Why not use Mozo to get registration off to a good start? First nights can be chaotic. Mozo will eliminate the chaos.

A launch that is a celebration. How about putting balloons up in front of the church? Have lively music play as kids walk in. Station friendly greeters at the door. Put Cubbie Bear’s paw prints on the floor leading to the Cubbie room or white twinkle lights leading to Sparks. Let T&T kids that exciting activities are planned. Have a fun ice breaker planned for Trek and Journey.

Anticipation. Preparation. Celebration.

Get ready for the launch of a great, new year.





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