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I want to tell you something pretty cool that happened this week….

At our church, many of the children participate in Children’s Church, an environment that has many of the same elements as the main service, yet is also tailored just to them. Each week, we’ve been walking through God’s story of scripture and this week we reached the part of the story where Solomon talks with God and God offers to bless him with anything.

We talked for a bit about what we would ask for if we could ask for anything at all. Then we talked about what a blessing is. At first, the children hovered around the idea that it was getting something you didn’t expect…but then I pointed out that you could not expect to be punched – that’s not a blessing. After more chatter, we reached a point of understanding that a blessing is an infusion of something with holiness (and that it can be expected). We also agreed that blessings are someone’s hope or approval meaning that not only can God bless, but so can we.

Then we walked through The Story of God and pointed out how He blessed the Israelites by leading them out of captivity in Egypt, He blessed them by leading them into the promised land, He blessed them when He fought their battles, He blessed David & Solomon and through Christ He blessed us.

Now…here’s the neat part.

Earlier in the service my helpers wrote everyones name on an index card. I told the children that they could pick someones card, pray for them, and then post them on the prayer wall. I knew not everyone would choose to, but that was okay. Then, we played ‘Bless the Lord’ and let them have a quiet reflective time while they did this.

Every card was prayed for…every card. One of the children that was most excited about this was one of the children that we have the most problems with – yet he prayed for multiple children. But they were not just prayed for – the kids asked for markers because they wanted to write the blessings on the back. They wanted each other to know they were blessed – and most of them were done anonymously.

I didn’t expect that. Nor did I expect what happened next. Some of the leaders saw that not every card had a written blessing so they decided to make sure those kids had a written one as well.

Perhaps some of the joy is lost in the telling of this story, but I must say that it is soooo neat when the Spirit moves in a group – especially in a group of children.

I love seeing the unexpected happen.





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