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Kidmin to Fammin! Helping Parents the Right Way!

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So, There has been a great deal of  discussion in the cyber-world about what is/isn’t family ministry? There have also been many discussions on forums and on Facebook discussing the role of parents in the discipleship journey of a child. So is your head spinning? Mine has been.

I’m currently guiding my new ministry on developing a Biblical family ministry model that will enable our church to be effective in its goal of helping people take their next steps with Christ.  I want to make sure this process is simple, clear, and something that will be effective for many years in helping people grow deeper in their faith and hopefully helping them in turn make disciples too.

I want to see a generation of kids who are intentionally moved along a “path” and that it is filled with many people speaking into their lives.  I truly believe it begins with Parents. Why? Because God set it up that way. Gen. 2 makes it pretty clear that God values families. Do families today resemble that first family? No, they don’t. We live in a sinful broken world that has moved away from God’s original design.

What can a church do to help make the most of what is broken? Become more intentional about strengthening marriages for one. Part of my family ministry strategy will be to offer married couples opportunities to grow in their relationships so that we can help them be strong and faithful. We will also make sure that they are encouraged and resourced to grow deeper in their own personal walk with God.

So how will we minister to those who are single, widowed, and divorced? The same thing. Help them to develop solid relationships within the church community so that other believers become family for them. We want them to know they are not alone or forgotten. Jesus told us to take care of the widows and orphans and I think the intent was even those who go through the painful time of divorce. We are to love them and value them too.  We need to go to even greater lengths to make sure their walk with Jesus is a vibrant one.

So how do we move from just doing Kidmin to Fammin?  Start with the parents! Help them to love God and Love others!

What are you doing to partner with Parents?





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I’m a husband and father of 4 wonderful kids. I have been in full time ministry since 1987. I love serving the Lord in the Church. Children/Youth/Families are my specialties. I love doing what I do and could not imagine doing anything else.