Introducing the New KidzMatter Magazine!

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Happy new year! We trust you had a wonderful Christmas season. Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year. Amidst the business of shopping and get-togethers, it’s great to focus on the heart of Christmas – the birth of our Savior. He’s the reason we do what we do in ministry, isn’t He? It’s all about Him.

As you can see, our magazine staff and editors have been busy! Believe it or not, we did take some time off for Christmas, but we worked some long days leading up to Christmas break! It’s the brand new KidzMatter Magazine! That’s right, it’s no longer K! Magazine, it’s now KidzMatter Magazine (insert a big WOW! here.) Not only have we given the magazine a new look, but we have also given it a new name! Why would we change the name? Great question, We’re glad you asked.

KidzMatter was created back in 2006 when we were on staff at our church. A few years later, the Lord led us to create a new magazine for children’s and family ministry. In January, 2008 we introduced the first ever K! Magazine. A few months earlier, we had hired a branding company to help us name the magazine. We remember the meeting when they pitched their two ideas to us. They were Recessand K! Magazine. As fun as Recess sounded, it seemed too much like something for school teachers or aids on recess duty. K! Magazine is the one that won the day.

We are always trying to improve here at KidzMatter. It’s engrained in our culture. “How can we do this better?” is a question we ask ourselves a lot. This summer, we asked it about the magazine. Although the magazine continues to do nothing but grow, we wanted to make it even better. We agreed it was time for a face lift. We added a new designer to our team and told him to start with a blank canvas. (Designers love to hear that!) We decided to change the name of the magazine to KidzMatter, so that people wouldn’t be left guessing what the “K” represented in K! Magazine. We re-organized the sections, and even added a few new features. It’s the same great content with a fresh new look. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

This rebrand and redesign forced us to return to the basics. We asked ourselves questions like:
Why did we create the magazine in the beginning?
What are the greatest needs in children’s and family ministry?
If we can only accomplish one thing with this magazine, what do we want that to be?
What does excellence in design look like for us?
And so on.

Sometimes it’s good to pause and reflect on the basics. It keeps you on the right path. This new issue of KidzMatter Magazine is all about the basics. Whether you are new to ministry, or whether you have been at it for years, you’ll find the articles in this issue to be a wind for your sails. Take your time working through every section. There’s a lot to take in. We must admit that our favorite is the super awesome 2014 VBS Guide and BONUS POSTER! It will help you make the best decision on which VBS is right for you this summer.

Enjoy the beauty of the new design, pay special attention to what our advertising partners have to share, and soak up each word in every article. It will be the best investment you can make going into the new year!

Ryan and Beth Frank

PS. If you’re not a subscriber, get signed up today!