Imagine a Childless World, If You Will

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Imagine a childless world, if you will.
Think a moment of what that would mean.

If after this moment not ever again,
A child darkened the door of life’s scene.

No more bottles to warm, no more diapers to change,
no more messy spills to be cleaned.

No more laundry that piles, no more ornery smiles,
No more hungry little mouths still to feed.

Some would say that’s a world they’d desire to have,
That’s a life that would seem like a dream.

But time would soon tell that the absence of kids,
Would leave the world in a state yet unseen.

Imagine a childless world, if you will,
A world without giggles and screams.

A world where everyone sees, just the things that they please,
Without using imagination or dreams.

No more piggy toes at night, no one needs a night light,
No more little leaches hanging at your knees.

No more little league games to attend, no more hair to braid or spin,
No more Christmas plays or school snow days to need.

Some would say this is the life, no inconvenience, little strife,
Sometimes parents think no children this would bring.

But the answer they would find, sad but true each and every time,
Is that a world without the children becomes nothing.

Imagine a childless world, if you will,
A world where no one carries on the light.

No one to hope in the dream, no one a better future to leave.
No one to carry on the fight for the right.

A world who’s promise ends with our plans, a world who’s potential dies in our hands,
A world that never sees the hope that could have been.

A world where our accomplishments die, with life’s final breath’s cry,
One step closer to the emptiness of a world that soon ends.

Thankfully, such a world does not exist. Such a world just a myth.
So invest into the children, for our future they possess.

Make the most of every day, for there’s a multitude of ways,
To make the future a better place, through our kids.

By Andrew Linder





About the Author

"Andrew has invested his life into full-time Kids Ministry for over 14 years. He is passionate about ministering to kids and their families, as well as equipping other parents and ministry leaders to do the same. He is also the founder of KidzBlast Ministries, which provides effective and proven resources for VBS, Children’s Church and the Bus Ministry at"