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Some of the best moments in my ministry have come when I have come to the end of my own capabilities and was forced to rely on God. I remember on more than one occasion getting up to preach and really feeling like I wasn’t prepared. Sure I had studied and had an outline, but I just didn’t feel like I was ready to stand up in front of those people. In that brief moment I did not know what I was going to say. In those moments I pray;

“God, I have done all I can. Now I need you to do the rest.”

Have you ever gotten to that point where you felt like you were grossly unprepared. Like you had done all you could and it simply wasn’t going to be enough. Maybe you even worked really hard and going into it thought you were ready, but when it came time you definitely did not feel ready. This may seem strange, but I think that this is a beautiful place to be. I think that it is also where God wants us.

Consider Noah. God told Noah to build a really big boat. So Noah built a really big boat.Then when the time came Noah trusted that God would take care of getting all the animals to him. The Bible tells us that when the boat was ready the animals, “came to Noah and entered the ark.”(1) It doesn’t say that Noah set out on a journey to gather two of every kind of animal. It simply says that the animals, “came to Noah.”

You see Noah did everything he could to be ready, then trusted God to do what Noah couldn’t do. There is no way that Noah could have gathered a pair of every kind of animal on the planet. So he did what he could and trusted God. I believe that this is where God wants us to be too. There are many things that God calls us to do  Whether it is preaching, teaching or leading those that do. Whether it is discipling kids, youth or building up leaders to do so. Whether it is preaching/leading in a local church or moving half way across the world to take the gospel to people who have never heard it. Whether it is full-time vocational ministry or serving as a volunteer in a local church. What ever it is that God is calling us to, I believe that we should do all we can to prepare, BUT then give the rest to God.

Paul wrote, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.” (2)

Paul wasn’t talking about planting a garden. He was talking about spreading the Gospel. Paul planted seeds of the Gospel, Apollos watered them, but ONLY God could make them grow. This is the reason that we should do all we can, but then give it to God. Only HE can make it grow.

So, when you get to the end of yourself – give it to God.

When you have done all you can and don’t feel that it is enough – give it to God

When you know that there is no way you can get it done – give it to God.

I know that the phrase, “give it to God” has become somewhat cliché, but there is something to it. For me it is a simple prayer. “God, I have done all that I can. Now I am depending on you to do the rest.” Every time that I have prayed this prayer He has done great things.

1.) Genesis 7:8
2.) 1 Corinthians 3:6





About the Author

My name is Matt Norman and I am the Children’s Pastor at The Rock in Winter Haven, FL. I am married to my high school sweet heart Kim and have two kids; Trey, 11 and Jayden, 4. I love being in ministry to children and their parents, as well as to other adults. I love sharing the gospel and other Biblical truths. I love worshiping and leading worship.  I love seeing kids grow spiritually. I love equipping God’s people for works of good service. Basically, I love ministry. In addition to ministry I have spent 17 years working in a local hospital, 16 of them in the emergency room. Trust me this experience comes in handy in children’s ministry. God is working in my life. I don’t yet know what he has planned, but I know that it is going to be cool. I’m watching and praying and doing what I can to make myself ready for whatever it is that God is working out in my life and my ministry. I love teaching kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a camp speaker, or a special speaker for your training event then use the email link at the top of the page to contact me. I would love to come along side you to have a greater impact on kids and their families for The Kingdom.