How Your Children’s Ministry Can Stay on Top of Kid Culture

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thumbs up kid 300x294 How your childrens ministry can stay on top of kid culture

Staying plugged into kid culture takes some very deliberate strategies the older one gets.

Knowing this, it does take some deliberate decisions to stay plugged in which is why I want to lay out some of those deliberate decisions that I take.

1. Hang out with kids
This may seem very obvious but how many of us actually do it? The best way to find out what kids like is to hang out with them at programs, events, games, and recitals. Ministry doesn’t just happen in an office. It happens where people are.

2. Ask them what they’re into
Just by hanging out with kids you’ll learn a lot if you just take time to ask questions. Ask kids what their favorite shows and movies are, what they like to read, and where they wish they could vacation at and why? Be creative with kids as you ask them questions, but don’t make it feel like a questioning at your local police station. Write down your findings, I like Evernote because it syncs with between all of my devices. Sometimes I just have my phone with me while gathering information, sometimes it is my iPad mini. With Evernote, it doesn’t matter I have it covered with all my info gathering synced between all devices.

3.Surf the web
Just by doing a Google search typing in: “Most popular sites for kids” it pulls up some great finds like this website regardless of when you want the info so you can always pull up the most recent updated info.

Here are just a few preferences from the kids in my ministry:
* Nick
* PBS Kids
* Cartoon Network

Here are a few preferences from the adult leaders in my ministry to help them stay sharp with their skills and building a network of support:
* Kidology
* CMConnect
* KidzMatter

There are just a couple of ways that work for me to stay connected with kids regardless of my age.





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I have the privilege of being the children’s pastor at Sheffield Family Life Center, an incredible church in Kansas City, Missouri. ?? I oversee a growing children’s ministry, SFLCKids. Every weekend you can always see hundreds of kids coming in to have a real experience with the life changing Savior – Jesus.?? I am married to Rachel, the best wife that God could have picked for me. We have been given three incredible gifts from God by the names of Jenelle, Camille, and Zachary. ?? Lastly I enjoy fishing with family, reading about leadership, task management, all things Macintosh and gadgets.