How To Preach To Kids

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Here’s ten easy steps to preach to kids:

1. FOCUS – on one message per week.

2. THINK LIKE A KID – Send everything through the kid filter.

3. TEACH IN A SERIES – This will help your kids know where you are going.

4. BE VISUAL –  Use short films, power points, object lessons, and dramas.

5. TELL STORIES – The best preachers are good storytellers.

6. KEEP IT MOVING – Change what you are doing every five to seven minutes.

7. STAY CURRENT – If you package an eternal message in an old wrapper it seems like an old message.

8. TARGET YOUR PEER LEADERS – Your leaders are the oldest kids in the room

9. BE FUNNY – When people laugh it opens up their heart.

10. REVIEW AND REPETITION – Kids don’t get it if you just say it one time.

If you’ve been saying YES to all these things I listed then you need to be building them into your kids’ ministry program and curriculum.

These are the ten steps I use in developing ALL my curriculum at Super Church.

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About the Author

Pastor, filmmaker, coach and comic book collector, Mark Harper has over 30 years of experience in the local church. He is the creator of the Super Church Curriculum series, which is used in over 5,000 churches worldwide. Mark and his wife Debra have two adult children, one grandchild and one Yorkie who thinks he's a german shepherd.