How do I find a job in KidMin?

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Over the past few months, I have had several ministers in churches who have asked my help in putting the word out about a job in their church.  This got me thinking that
maybe I should write a blog post about this.  There may be some of you fellow Children’s Ministers out there that are searching for a job in the KidMin field, or you may be new to the ministry, or maybe you are straight out of seminary and aren’t exactly sure where to turn when job searching.  How do I find a job as a Children’s Minister?

Here are several websites you can look at that will help you with your search:

1.  Your UMC Annual Conference website

If you are a United Methodist and are searching for a job in the UMC, then turn to your Annual Conference website.  Most Annual Conferences have an employment page where churches can post all kinds of job openings.  For the North Georgia Conference,     go and click on Resources.  Scroll down and you will see a Classifieds page.  Then you can search based on the type of job.

2.  Your Denomination Website                                                                                                         

I am sure there are other denominations out there that also have websites where you can search for KidMin jobs.  Just find out the website and check it out.

3.  Christians Engaged in Faith Formation       This is the Christian Educators website for the United Methodist Church.   Click on “Search Openings”.  Then you can enter any kind of search information to narrow down the choices.  It will provide you with all the postings they have listed based on the           criteria you selected.

4.  CM Connect                                                                                                                          This is an awesome website for Children’s Ministers begun by Michael Chanley.  You may or may not have to create an account, but don’t worry, it’s free!  Once you do that, go to the Discuss tab at top.  Then click on Categories.  Scroll down to where you see      Ministry Openings and click on it.  There will be some listings there.  Or sometimes you can find job opportunities listed under the Blog Post tab.

5.  KidMin360                                                                                                                           This is a website that was begun by Greg Baird.  Great tool for Children’s Ministers.  At the very top left of the page you will see a link that says Job Board.  Click on it and you will be taken to all the postings listed.

6.  Youth Specialties                                      This is primarily a website designed for Youth Ministers, but they do post Children’s Ministers jobs as well.  On the Job Board, you can search by Job Title, Denomination, etc.  It’s a great resource too!

7. Church Staffing                                                                                    Just click on Children’s Pastor and it will take you to all the postings for that field.

8.  Facebook

Here are some KidMin Facebook groups you can join where postings are listed sometimes:  The Kids Ministry Collective, Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministries Leaders, UMC Ministry with Children, or even your local networking FB pages.

9.  Twitter                                                                                                                                                 

I saw someone post once on Twitter that they were looking for a KidMin job and tons of people responded with churches that were looking to hire.  Just remember to put #kidmin or #kidminjobs

I hope this has provided you with a place to start your job search.  Or if you are a church looking to hire someone, then these websites are a great place to start advertising for your position.  If you know of other sites available, please share that in the comments section below.

Prayers for all of you as you begin searching for the job God is calling you to or as you search for the person to hire!  If I can be of any assistance to you as you search for a job or as you are looking to hire, please let me know.  I know that I can definitely be praying for God to lead you!





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Vanessa Myers has been in the ministry for 13 years serving in Youth Ministry & Children’s Ministry and currently serving as the Children’s Director at Dahlonega UMC. She has found that children’s ministry is her passion. She enjoys sharing the love of Jesus with all children, teaching the kids the Bible stories in fun and exciting ways, and planting seeds in the spiritual lives of these children. Vanessa has found another calling to be one of encouraging other Children’s Ministers and loves to write and share her experiences on her blog. Vanessa and her husband, Andrew, have 2 daughters and live in Dahlonega, GA. You can follow Vanessa on Twitter at: vtmyers0921.