Having Kids Radically Changes Your Life!

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This video is making the rounds in the social media arena:


Coca-cola produced a video about how a couple’s life changes when they have a child. Their house goes from perfectly maintained to chaotically disheveled. Everything from late night wake-up calls, to painfully stepping on things left on the floor in the hallway; ruined LP records to interrupted intimate time.

Then comes the clincher. The Mom gives her husband a Coke and then shows him a positive sign on a pregnancy test. The Dad’s face goes from sheer terror to extreme excitement all in an instant… and we can all see ourselves in the emotion of the moment.

Having children will radically impact your life. It changes your focus. It changes your dreams. It can cause you absolute pain and frustration all while at the same moment, seemingly, indescribable joy and elation.

Children really are a blessing!





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